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Fashioning the Voice

Yvon Bonenfant, Jennifer Anyan and Tychonas Michailidis
From September 2018 to March 2019 Host Productions worked with three artist-academics to develop an Arts Council application to fund an R&D phase to develop an extended singing trenchcoat, which when worn by a person is activated through a series of sensors hidden within the garment. We will explore options to transform the coat into a large-scale particpatory live performance.

Further information will be able from May 2019.

In this selfie-obsessed world, individuals live under the glare of over sharing and scrutiny; the ‘feeling’ of identity doesn’t matter. Here, they have a voice-body. The sensation of being clothed in this extended singing coat transforms an individual’s experience of their own body, shifting the focus from what their body is, to what their body does and the feelings that engenders.

Imagine 50 people, their movement choreographies ebbing and flowing with tides of bending, twisting and stretching voices, coming in and out of sync, creating portraits of their own unique individualities – intersecting, differing, entwining and entangling all in direct response to the cut and style of the coat and each other – staging landscapes of the voice – fashioned by fashion – an expression of self-identity.