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    Talent Development

    Artist Development Programme
    Client: ‘a space’ arts

    Following the successful management of Talent Development 2 I was asked again by ‘a space’ arts to lead Talent Development 3. This time I worked closely with Alys Scott-Hawkins, Artist Development Officer to support local artists from across the SO postcode area.

    The Talent Development Programme was established in 2013 born out of a commitment to supporting the development of artistic talent in Southampton. Artists are invited to propose a six-month professional development project. This gives artists (individuals, groups or artist run organisations) the chance to design a programme relevant to their needs, aligned with their practice, ambition, career position and long-term goals.

    Since 2013 there have been three programme rounds supporting 35 artists.

    I also managed Round 2 in 2014.

    I now offer independent development sessions for creative practioners.

    From left to right: Nathan Evans, Harry Meadows, Sarah Mander, Kate Watkins, Jackie Eksi, Stacey Heele, Pearl John, Jacqueline Rolls and Chris MacFarlane