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Cabin Tactics

Sovay Berriman
'northcabin' was a temporary programme of newly commissioned artworks for a small, semi-circular operating cabin on Redcliffe Bridge, Bristol. The programme was developed to give emerging artists the chance to make new work for an architecturally unusual space.

Cabin Tactics
The structures on Redcliffe Bridge definitely have a sense of 1984 about them, and it is this atmosphere of constant surveillance that the piece Cabin Tactics, 2008 taps into, adopting a stance of defiance.

Subversive activity conducted in the name of survival can become oppressive itself. By the simplicity of its fight against oppression, its determined focus and lack of compromise seems fanatical. And the covert codes of communication intensify the sense of an exclusive organisation.” Sovay Berriman, 2008.

About the artist
Born in 1972 in Penzance, Cornwall, UK, Sovay began her study at Falmouth College of Arts, going on to take a BA (Hons) at the University of East London and then a MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art.

She predominantly works with sculpture, installation and text continuing a practice that offers a potential for escapism through references to landscape and the use of narrative.

Sovay Berriman is currently based in London. Recent activity includes the solo exhibition Sepulchre by the Sea, April – May 2013 (Malgras|Naudet, Manchester), and collaborative project ||HOST||, November 2012 with Laura Mansfield (The Royal Standard for Liverpool Biennial 2012). Group exhibitions include 59.14 N 3/34 W, April 2012 (Erlend Williamson Art Fellowship, Orkney), To Pay Respect to the Generosity of the Three-Minute Punk-Rock Song, November – December 2011 (Crate, Margate), The Potential for Windows and Scale, September 2011 – January 2012 (Contemporary Art Society, London) and Strange Loops, March – April 2011 (Generator Projects, Dundee).

About the site

northcabin was based in a disused operating cabin on Redcliffe Bridge. The bridge was erected in 1939 and replaced a ferry, which connected Redcliffe with the City Centre of Bristol. The north cabin still contains the disused machinery that used to operate the bridge, which is now electronically controlled from the south cabin. Redcliffe is located in the old harbor district of the city, once a bustling district it now serves as a transitory space between the center and the suburbs. The space provides an intersection between road, river, and pedestrian routes.

northcabin opened up the possibility for other individuals and organisations to use the space for the display of contemporary visual art and is now part of Capacity Bristol: Temporary Use of Empty Buildings Programme.

northcabin was funded by Bristol City Council, The University of the West of England and Spike Island Associates.

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