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Watching Water

Nancy Murphy Spicer
"Dawn breaks and a lone woman saunters onto the beach walking directly towards the water pausing just at the water’s edge. As the water recedes, she takes a few steps to follow it, as if she were about to enter the water. Then pauses. The next wave arrives and she takes a few steps backwards, again staying close to the white foamy line. Over the next 24 hours she is joined by small groups and whole classes of schoolchildren, mothers, the elderly and teens. Moving in unison, they create an undulating, repetitive movement, which forms a living drawing of the line where the water meets the land."

Watching Water is planned as a mass participatory performative artwork conceived by London-based US artist Nancy Murphy Spicer; it invites participants to embody the movement of the tides within a collective experience, joining community with the natural landscape, over a 24-hour period.

The project is currently in development and Host Productions has supported Watching Water throughout 2013/2014 to develop the artwork from an initial artist idea into full-scale working commission. Work involved project development both thinking through practical and curatorial considerations, location scouting as well as partnership formation and funding research.

Nancy Murphy Spicer will go on to deliver Watching Water independently of Host Productions. However, I will continue to act in an advisory position as the project moves forward.